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We all know STDs are infectious diseases that spread from person to person through sexual contact. The infections can affect anyone of all ages who are having sex.

where we are going to discuss about sexually transmitted diseases to help teens protect themselves every time they have sex. Best Sexologist in Delhi, Dr Pk Gupta  provide 100% safe & right treatment for all type of sexual problems.


How a person gets an STD?

Sexual transmitted infections spread from person to person through unprotected sexual contact. STDs include more than 30 different Bacteria, viruses and parasites, which can spread through vaginal sex, anal sex or oral sex by not using condom consistently and correctly. The more partners you have, the higher your change of getting STDs.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases can also occur through blood transfusion and tissue transplant. Untreated STDs can cause serious complications in males and females such as infertility and impotence. Younger adults are at greater risks as they are more likely to have unprotected sex due sexual contact with multiple sexual partners.

As teens are more likely to get STDs, so it is very important to learn what you can do to protect yourself from these infections. STDs are embarrassing and can cause serious health problems. If the problems are left untreated, then some STDs can cause permanent damage such as infertility, impotence in males and even death in case of HIV AIDS.

Types of sexually transmitted diseases

STDs do not show any symptom but can spread during the window of time. There are different STDs that you must know about and prevent yourself from such infections.

  • Chlamydia: – This is one of the most common STDs and people with Chlamydia don’t notice any symptom and won’t know they have the infection. However, if the condition left untreated, then it can develop pelvic inflammatory disease that can lead to pelvic pain and infertility in females. In males, Chlamydia can cause pain, burning sensation while urination, watery discharge from the penis and pain testicles.
  • Genital Warts: – It is a skin infection caused by type Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in which fleshy growth appears around the genital and anal area. These growths are painless but can be unsightly. Occasionally, they can cause bleeding. HPV also spread by skin contact, but treatments are available, including creams and Cryotherapy.  
  • Genital Herpes: – It is an infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus, which causes painful blisters on the genitals. It is a long terminal condition in which cause itching or tingling and make it painful to urinate. It is easier to test for HSV and it can usually be controlled using antiviral medicine. You can visit at the clinic of one of a leading sexologist doctors in Delhi and get the treatment for HSV.
  • Gonorrhoea:It is a kind of bacterial STI that found in sexual fluids and can easily pass on during sex. If left untreated, in women it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease and in men it leads to painful infections in the testicles and prostate glands, that increases the risk of infertility. The condition can be treated with some antibiotics in both males and females.

These were the most common STDs in both males and females. The article was especially for teenagers who are more likely to have STDs due to unprotected sex. There are two more dangerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases, but we will discuss them later on. To get rid of these infections you need to use protection during sexual intercourse. If you are going through any kind of STD, then you need to take a quick action to get the treatment.

Whom to consult for the treatment?

You can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, one of a leading Best Sexologist in Delhi, for the effective treatment of STDs in men and women. He provides treatment for every STDs at an affordable. He attains the degree of M.B.B.S., M.D., P.G.D.S (sexual medicine) and known to be the Best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi. He is a brilliant doctor who can sort out your issues related to sexual life.

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